Olga's Deli & Catering

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We bring great food to you!

Ottawa residents have been enjoying homemade meals from Olga’s kitchen since 1983. Her freshly prepared foods boast full flavour and uncomparable taste. Olga’s Italian heritage is a distinctive influence in her food preparation. The methods and ingredients of her native country characterize her cooking and make Olga’s one of the best choices for both take-out and catered meals.

To experience Olga’s, is to experience the ultimate in homemade cooking! I should know, she’s my mom and I’ve enjoyed her food my whole life!
Ezio Costanza

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Olga’s Deli & Catering:      613-233-4341  |  588 Bank Street  |  Ottawa ON  K1S 3T3
http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-555613/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-557947/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-558225/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-558637/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-556337/ olgasdeli.ca/ajr-559212/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-559579/ viagra vs viagra diabetes olgasdeli.ca/ajr-557867/ olgasdeli.ca/ajr-556058/ olgasdeli.ca/ajr-564497/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-560834/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-561072/ how long are viagra pills good for olgasdeli.ca/ajr-563655/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-562303/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-562880/ http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-562071/ viagra less side effects http://olgasdeli.ca/ajr-560143/